Alfred Johnson Quantum international – Shelter Plus Initiative

Just a quick post that talks a little about our Shelter Plus Initiative:

Alfred Johnson Quantum International founder and CEO, is helping to launch a series of programs assisting a number of mentally challenged children. Quantum International is Associated with Texans for Justice, a non-profit organization, operating in Texas for 10+ years. All contributions are tax deductible.

Basic Information About Project

Programs are separated into two parts:

1. Assistance, and emergency shelters for abused spouses and children caught up in the legal system. This will include temporary housing and assistance to these parties. Each person will receive temporary housing for up to 6 months, while they have time to seek other assistance from existing government programs. Included also are, housing placement, legal assistance, counseling, recreation programs, transportation services, food and clothing distribution, and referral sources for job placement.

2. Help and assistance with the mentally challenged hurt by physical and social circumstances, with housing on a permanent basis. The homes will provide permanent shelter for mentally challenged people, especially young adults and parties without parental or family support. Included Services to these parties include, but are not limited to, counseling, legal assistance, housing placement, food and clothing distribution, transportation services, job training, recreation programs, enrichment classes, and placement and skills training.

Alfred Johnson Quantum International, Shelter Plus & Various Community Projects

Quantum International, Shelter Plus & Various Community Projects

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